RCDs explained

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 10 October 2012

 It’s a safety device that automatically switches off the electricity if there is a fault. It’s far more sensitive than normal fuses and circuit breakers. It can be a lifesaver, reacting as fast as lightning, to prevent electricity causing a fatal shock.

Students need accommodation to make the grade

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 3 October 2012

Poorly maintained and misused electrical appliances are a major cause of fires and student houseshares can be at particular risk of having heavily used appliances that haven’t been tested properly.

Confusion between landlords and tenants exposes millions to serious electrical dangers

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 3 October 2012

 More than one fifth of all private tenants (21%) already report concerns with the electrical safety in their home and three quarters of private tenants (75%) can’t recall discussing electrical safety with their landlord .

The ESC’s research also found that landlords and tenants are confused about their responsibilities whereby three in ten landlords and two-fifths of renters do not know who is responsible for electrical safety in their rented properties (29% and 40% respectively).

Lack of electrical safety among parents puts children at risk

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 3 October 2012

The only way to be safe from a fatal electric shock and reduce the risk of fire is to ensure your installation is safe and that there is an RCD (Residual Current Device) in the fusebox, which prevents fatal electric shock and minimises the risk of fire. Worryingly, only 38% of new parents’ homes are adequately protected by this vital device, well below the national average for homes with RCD protection (50%). This is a particular cause for concern as three quarters (74%) of parents feel that they have taken appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their children in the home.  

Rising electrical fire danger sparks official warning

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 26 September 2012

New research from the Electrical Safety Council shows an alarming rise in fires caused by the misuse of appliances in the home. 

Despite the increasing risk to homes, many UK adults do not have adequate protection from electrical fires; less than half (49%) have a Residual Current Device (RCD) in their fusebox, a vital safety device which minimises the risk of fire by cutting off the power in the event of a fault. However, almost four out of five (79%) believe that their homes are electrically safe.

Domestic voltage optimization a growing market

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 26 September 2012

The market for domestic voltage optimisation is increasing in the UK.   The technology has been proven to work both domestically and commercially. The advantages of voltage optimisation are clear too; the technology can reduce electrical consumption in the home, save money for tenants and homeowners, cut carbon emissions and extend the life of devices and appliances.

NICEIC launch new advertising campaign

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 12 September 2012

NICEIC has launched a new advertising campaign to promote the use of its contractors to specifiers and consumers.

“This campaign is a fresh approach to our advertising and will reinforce NICEIC as the name you can trust when it comes to choosing an electrician.”

Lancashire's Safe Trader scheme hits a thousand

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 12 September 2012

A LANCASHIRE scheme that helps people in the county to find out whether a trader will treat them fairly and honestly is celebrating a major milestone. 

J M Electrical is a member of the Safe Trader scheme.

Electrical fault causes fire at Wirral house

  • Written by JM Electrical on Wednesday 12 September 2012

AN electrical fault is believed to have caused a fire at a house in Wallasey last night.

"We would always advise that people make sure they have a qualified and accredited electrician to do work on their homes.

J M Electrical now installing voltage optimization systems

  • Written by John M on Tuesday 20 March 2012

J M Electrical have now added the installation of voltage optimization systems to our portfolio. 

  • Saves up to 18% a year on energy bills.
  • Easy to install by a qualified electrician.
  • Increases the life of household appliances.
  • Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint.
  • Maintenance free, so the only cost is for the product and the installation.