Mr & Mrs Hartley


Mr & Mrs Hartley


Bury, BL8

Project Details:

InstallationWe surveyed Mr and Mrs Hartley's property, confirming the roof was in good condition, had a good orientation and that the pitch was acceptable. On this occasion we had a duty to inform Mr Hartley that his electrical installation was not acceptable for us to carry out any additions, so before the installation commenced, some minor works were carried out to rectify these faults.

The installation took place over two days, with everyting cleaned away and removed from site by 5pm on the second day. Now this house hold is generating its own electricity.

On this installation we used sharp monocrystiline 250w modules and a sunnyboy 2500hf inverter with a blue tooth monitor, so they kno exactly what they are generating. It even provides the amount of c02 they have saved.


No problem with the workmen at all. They just got on with the installation. Completed as promised on the date