Mr & Mrs Thompson


Mr & Mrs Thompson


Wigan, WA11

Project Details:

(4kw solarworld system with sunnyboy inverter)

InstallationMr & Mrs Thompson of Wigan called our company, as well as two other well known installation companies, to get a quote for a solar installation.  On the initial site visit, we found the orientation and the inclination to be perfect.  We submitted our proposals of products, a copy of our accreditations, a copy of our insurance backed warranty and supplied details of previous clients as references.  Our quotation was accepted and the installation process began within two weeks of order placement.  However, on this particular occasion, the elements were against us.  For five days we returned to site to fit the panels, only to be made redundant by the howling wind and rain.  ("Maybe a wind turbine would have been more suitable for your house" one of the installers joked).  Finally, we got the weather we had been waiting for and the installation was completed and commissioned and is now starting to repay its investment.

InstallationOne way of looking at the investment is that the initial outlay will cover all utility bills for the next twenty five years, leaving you with more disposable income.

Very pleased with the work.......worked very hard in the bad conditions