Frequently asked questions

What guarantees will I receive?

Solar PV has been proven to be a reliable technology. The inverter manufacturers SMA sunny boy that we install are the market leaders.  Most solar panel manufacturers give between 20-25 year PV solar cell warranty for their products.  The customer will have the benefit of a guarantee that runs concurrent with the manufacturers' guarantees.

J M Electrical guarantees that if, within a ten year period after the installation of the solar pv system, any part of the installation process is found to be defective, due to a fault in the installation or fixing procedure, we undertake to repair, free of charge to the customer, that section of the installation.


Do you need planning permission for a solar photovoltaic system?

No. Unless the building is listed or it is within a conservation area, the installation of the solar panels is acceptable.

How do we know the system works?

Many people have already started reaping the benefits of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme.

 For additional information see the Energy Saving Trust's Home Energy Generation Selector. 

This tool can help you identify which, if any, renewable technologies are most suitable for installation in your home.  Their cashback calculator will also help you find out how much you could earn and save through solar panels.


How do the solar panels, a solar cell and pv solar installations work?

A solar cell consists of many thin layers of silicon and as the sunlight strikes, electrons within each solar cell are dislodged.  The freed electrons can then only return through an external circuit, causing electricity to flow.

Because sunlight is present even when the sky is overcast, photovoltaic solar panels will produce electricity whatever the weather.  However, the stronger the sunlight, the more electricity will be produced by the solar panels at any one time.

Do I need to inform my electricity supplier about my pv solar installation?

For systems below 16 Amps output (approx 3.7kW peak power) you simply inform them once the MCS accredited installation is complete.  For systems larger than 16 Amps we will require permission in advance from the network operator.

Will I be eligible for the Feed-in Tariff Scheme (FIT)?

JM Electrical is a MCS approved solar installer, so all of our installations are eligible for all government incentives.

How long will the pv solar installation take?

The pv solar installation normally takes two days, during which time there will be very little disruption to your day to day life.

Will an electrician fit the panels to the roof?

No, all roof work will be completed by trained roofing specialists.  We use our electricians for electrical work and roofers for roofing work.

Do I need constant sunshine for my pv solar system to work?

Your pv solar system does not need direct sunlight for it to work.  Even on cloudy days your pv solar system will still produce electricity.

What if it is not producing enough electricity for my needs?

In this case the system will allow energy to come into your home from the National Grid.  This will be necesssary when not enough daylight is present and of course night time, when your pv solar system will turn itself off.

What if the system is producing more electricity than my needs?

In this case the system will export your additional electricity back into the National Grid and of course you will be paid for it.

How much will my investment in solar panels work for me?

On a typical 4kw solar panel installation, your investment of approximately £10,500 will return approximately £43,370 over 25 years, which is guaranteed.  The investment is linked to inflation.

If you have any questions which have not been answered here, contact us and we will be happy to help.  You will find all of our details on our Contact Us page.