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Commercial/Industrial Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

🌟 So far, this week’s jobs have included carrying out Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR's) at 2 quite different buildings in the Wigan area: a food factory and a church with an adjacent hall.

The condition report at the food factory came via a referral from another client, which is always a nice way to receive a job and the church was a returning customer whose EICR was due to expire - we dropped her a line to remind her. 👍

We carried out work around food production and around church services to minimise disruption to all. The church was a really good installation with only a few minor remedial works needing to be carried out.

🌟 What is an EICR?

Known as many things including:

Fixed Wire Testing, Periodic Testing & Inspection, Electrical Testing....

If you are in the industry, you will almost certainly know all about it, but if unfamiliar, it is an evaluation of a commercial/industrial property's electrical installations. An EICR can also be carried out in a domestic setting - it is much the same thing but on a smaller scale and is a legal requirement for landlords to have an up to up to date EICR.

🌟 Why do we do it?

Without stating the obvious, its all about safety and complying with national safety standards. As installations don't last forever, the cables, switches, sockets and other electrical equipment in commercial and industrial settings need regular inspections to reduce the risk of electrical shock and electrical fires.

🌟 How often?

In commercial/industrial settings, standard practice is usually around 5 years. This will however very much depend on the type of installation and how often its used and maintained. We usually come and have a look at the property and go from there. It's also an insurance requirement to have an in date EICR.

🌟 What next?

Get in touch if we can help with testing and inspecting your building. Remedial work can very much depend on the installation and how regularly it has been maintained.

Go to the contact us page for more information on how to reach us 📩

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