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LED Lighting - Energy efficient and Environmentally friendly. Is it time to change your lights?

With the banning of Halogen lights in 2021 and the ever increasing need to become more environmentally friendly, what are the advantages to installing LED lights?

Bearing in mind 2 important characteristics of LED Technology, i.e. how well the LED product produces the desired effect and how well it interacts with the fitting, the benefits of swapping to LED are vast and can include:

💡 Improved quality lighting and brightness in required areas

💡 A more energy efficient product

💡 Reduced ongoing maintenance costs

💡Lower monthly energy bills

Environmental benefits...

Environmentally, LED lights have a longer life span than conventional lights lasting up to 20 times longer, meaning they do not need to be replaced as often which has a knock on effect on resources required to manufacture, package and transport. Furthermore, LED's waste less energy than fluorescents for example, which convert around 95% of the energy they produce into heat and only 5% into light. The opposite is true for LED's meaning they require less power and therefore less energy.

Financial benefits...

The initial outlay on the LED install can be repaid through savings made within as little as 24 months in some scenarios, offering great savings moving forward. And with electric costs rising this will only increase the savings made through LED installations.

Next steps....

There is no doubt that replacing conventional lights to LED lights can come at a cost, but many businesses are seeing it as a financial and environmental investment.

We are particularly specialised in swapping lights in commercial and industrial environments and have seen a recent upturn in requests for this product for the many reasons cited above.

We will arrange a site visit to discuss the options available and work with you to decide what would work best in your business environment.

Please drop us a line via the contacts page and we will be in touch to discuss

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